8 Strategies To Catapult Your Copywriting Skills To The Next Level

Here are eight quick ideas and suggestions to dramatically help you improve your copywriting skills as you get going.

These tips are useful for creating offers, E-mails and sales letters that grab peoples attention.

So without further ado, here they are!

1. Always write your sales letter with an individual in mind.

Whenever you are writing a sales letter or an E-mail, you want to write that E-mail or sales letter as though you were talking to one person.

2. Pull them in with the first line.

You’ve got to create interest with the reader, the very first line that they read.

3. Use bullet points.

People like to scan, they like to quickly read things as fast as they can, and using bullet points makes that whole process a heck of a lot easier. So use them.

4. Just let it flow.

When you are starting to write a letter, it is very difficult to just start from top to bottom and write everything. When it comes to writing it and actually putting everything down in order, just write as it’s coming out. You are going to have moments when inspiration hits you and your pen is going to go like crazy or your fingers are going to go like crazy on the computer keyboard; just let it flow.

5. Write like you speak.

This was briefly touched on this in one of the earlier points. But it’s much easier for you to envision that you’re communicating with one individual as though you’re having a conversation with that person, because when that person reads your sales letter or your E-mail, they’re going to feel like you’re talking right to them, and thats exactly what you want.

6. Make your communication easy to read.

Use short paragraphs. Use pictures. Bold certain things. Highlight important areas.

7. Stress the benefits and not the features.

Put yourself in the shoes of the person reading your communication piece.

The number one question that they’re going to be asking is: What’s in it for me? You have to address those things, and you’ve got to stress the benefits of your particular communication piece that you’re trying to use.

8. Keep the reader interested.

How do you do that? On a sales letter there are a ton of ways that you can keep the reader interested, and Im going to give you a few of them right now.

– You can use graphs.
– You can use pictures.
– You can use audio.
– You can use video.
– Another one that people love to see are testimonials.
– Another one that you can always use is giving examples of proof.
– Do you have checks?
– Do you have screen shots of people registering for certain things?

Whatever you’re trying to sell or promote, give proof that it works or that it would provide benefit to the person that is reading it screen shots, pictures, testimonials these are all great things of proof.

So there you have it 8 quick tips to improve your copywriting skills. This is not the be all and end all of copywriting techniques but they will definitely help you jump over some of the hurdles that are standing in your way!

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