Affiliate Marketing

One of the simplest ways to market is affiliate marketing. The advantages of affiliate marketing are many.

For one, there is no inventory and you do not have to deal wih customers. affliliate marketing is where you get people interested in a company’s product and provide a special link to that product.

If a customer clicks on your special link and purchases a product, you get a small commission at no extra cost to the customer.

This special link is called an affiliate link. It contains a special code that tells the company to pay you if the customer purchases a product after clicking on your affiliate link.

Why do companies offer this? Because it increases their sales. You do the work of getting people to click on your link, and the company makes money. They give you a commission on your sales to reward you.

There is usually no cost to become an affiliate marketer unless you choose to have expenses.

For example, I pay Hostgator to host my personal websites, so I spend a small flat fee amount every month for unlimited websites. Because I am already paying for unlimited websites already, adding affiliate websites such as cost me no extra money.

A few people make YouTube videos that show them using a product. They provide their affiliate link in the video description. This means they are an affiliate marketer with insignificant costs.

A well-known affiliate marketer is Amazon. You register as an Amazon associate or affiliate and Amazon gives you an affiliate ID. Amazon will also help you create affiliate links for each product. Others use Instagram, Facebook, etc.

You get someone interested via your website, Facebook, YouTube, your blog, etc. You provide an affiliate link. If purchases are made via your link, you earn a commission on those sales.

In a future blog, I will show you how to set up an Amazon affiliate store like WTF? Amazing!

Some affiliate businesses are Amazon, Etsy, ShareASale, Hostgator, and many, many more. I intend to tell you about these in future blogs.

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