Drop a Table using phpMyAdmin

What does Drop a Table Mean?

To drop a table means deleting the table and its contents from the database.

Dropping a table cannot be undone.

The DROP TABLE is another DDL (Data Definition Language) operation. But it is not used for simply removing data from a table; it deletes the table structure from the database, along with any data stored in the table.


Why would you Drop a Table?

Sometimes, you no longer need a table. As I learn more, I experiment and improve my databases. As a result, sometimes I realize I never need a certain table ever. So I drop that table.

How to Drop a Table using phpMyAdmin

Go to phpMyAdmin.


Click on the database name in the left column.

phpMyAdmin Click on the Database

Click on the table name in the left column.

Click on Table Name

You will see the table contents.

Populated Database

Click on the Operations tab.

Table Click on Operations Tab

You will see this.

Table Operations Tab

Go to the very bottom of the webpage and click on Delete the Table (DROP).

Drop Table

Click OK to confirm you want to drop the table.

Confirm Drop Table

The table is dropped.

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