How to Uninstall an App on a Mac

The Short Version For Experts

Exit the app. Move the app to the Trash. Empty the Trash.

Quit the Application

Mac Uninstall Quit App

Move the Application to the Trash

Go into the Applications folder. Right-click on the application. Click on Move to Trash.

Mac Uninstall Move App to Trash

Wait several seconds for the application to uninstall.

If you have the application on the Dock, the Dock icon for it will disappear.

Mac Uninstall App Dock Icon
Mac Uninstall App Dock Icon Gone

Empty the Trash.

Mac Uninstall Empty Trash
Mac Uninstall Empty Trash Dialog Box
Mac Uninstall Emptying the Trash

The application is now uninstalled.

The Mac might Remember Application Settings

The Mac might remember the app’s settings. This is handy if you are planning on reinstalling the app in the future.

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