Log in to the WordPress Dashboard

Logging into WordPress allows you to edit and change your website. Here is how to log into WordPress.

When you log into WordPress, you will be in the WordPress Dashboard.

To successfully log into WordPress, you will need the URL or web address of the website, the username or email address for the website, and the password.

Sometimes after installing WordPress, you may not have been given the password. If you do not know the password, or have lost the password, you can create another password.

Logging In To WordPress

Go to the website. At the end of the web address or URL, enter /wp-admin. Press the Enter key.

For example, if example.com were a WordPress site, and we wished to log into it, we would go to example.com/wp-admin. This is our preferred URL to use. If you are already logged in, /wp-admin will put you directly into the dashboard.

Once you are at the login page, enter the username and password.

Put a check mark in checkbox for Remember Me. For a period of time, this will allow you to access the administration area/Dashboard without having to login each time.

Click the Login button.

WordPress then takes you to the dashboard where you can edit your website.

Additional Notes:

Other Login URLs

For most WordPress sites, we prefer to use the login URL ending in /wp-admin. Most people can skip this section.

Alternatively, you can go to the wp-login.php page. You will be forced to log in each time.

Some plugins will not allow you to log in using /wp-admin. If you use these plugins, you can use /wp-logon.php, but you will be forced to login each time.

WPS Hide Login

To improve security, some websites use the WPS Hide Login plugin. It allows you to customize the login URL You have to remember what the correct login URL is.

WPS Hide Login uses /login as the default.

You can customize WPS Hide Login to use a custom, hard to remember and crack, login URL.

WordPress sometimes asks you to log in.

Note that if you delete your cookies, WordPress will not know you are logged in and may force you to login again.

WordPress may make you log in again when switching from http:// to https:// on your website. Or if you install the Really Simple SSL plugin.

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