ProcessWire versus WordPress

The ProcessWire website has a great article comparing ProcessWire to WordPress.

Read it here.

WordPress is great.

WordPress is great for people who do not know HTML or CSS.

Plenty of people sell homemade soap and other hygiene products. They want to sell their soap online but do not want to learn web development.

WordPress is perfect for these people. It is easy to learn and quick to set up a website.

You do not need special knowledge to use WordPress, thanks to its many themes and plugins.

WordPress is not so great.

WordPress is not so great for web experts. If you want to control every pixel, WordPress is very frustrating.

My wife is a web designer. My best friend knows HTML and CSS. They both hate WordPress.

WordPress is simple to use. Part of this is that WordPress makes many decisions for you. This is great for novices, but it drives professionals nuts.

Professional website designers, like my friend and my wife, want full control over their websites. ProcessWire does this, especially if you use it with Tailwind CSS.

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