Why a Mac?

Across the internet, many videos and tutorials show you how to do things on a Mac. Why is this?

You will notice most of my videos show tasks being done on a Mac.

The reason is very simple. Macs are made for creatives!

I used to be a PC guy. Now, I am a shameless Mac snob.

I had weird problems when using PCs to make videos, image processing, etc. Oh, I could do these things after I located the software, installed it and studied videos on how to use it.

To be honest, it was painful. For example, the free screen recording software for my PC forced me to install software I did not want installed. Software that had nothing to do with recording my computer screen.

My best friend is willing to put up with the pain. He hates Macs, and is a die-hard PC guy.

He struggles to start an online business. Part of this is because he has to do things the hard way.

Mac come with the software needed to do simple image processing:

QuickTime to record videos; iMovie to edit them, to add titles and music.

Preview for image processing, reading PDFs, editing PDFs, etc.

Garage band for making music; I do not use this because I have no musical talent.

I had a lot of trouble with my PCs, possible because they got older. Often they would not boot up, etc. Or they took, no exaggeration, an hour to boot up.

At the same time, my Samsung phone was giving me trouble. It was great when it worked, but it rarely worked. It kept bringing up apps at random. My phone store told me it should not be doing that.

My wife had a Mac and an iPhone. They just worked. As they got older, they worked slowly, but they worked. She had no trouble as they got older.

So, I switched to Apple products. Very expensive, but worth every penny. Except for the Apple Watch. It is nice, but why would I spend a $1000 for it to tell me my heart rate or that I have an email?

My best friend bought a great non-Apple watch for $275 that does the same thing. As a side note, his Samsung phone takes amazing pictures!

A Fitbit costs about $125 the last time I checked.

My Apple products are great, even now that they are older. I did buy a RedDragon keyboard and a separate monitor, as working from a 15-inch screen is not great. I also added a 6Tb hard drive because my SSD drive is too small.

Macs are great for everything related to making a website.

Now, I am a Mac snob. Shamelessly so.

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